Rhythmic Reveries of a Ruminating Mind by A H Mehr – Book Review

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November 1, 2023
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Poetry is an art form that intertwines the essence of emotions with the rhythmic cadence of verse, creating a profound and limitless space for exploration. The beauty of poetry lies in its ability to encapsulate the myriad facets of human experience, transforming fleeting emotions into enduring expressions. As one delves into the vast expanse of poetic works, each piece becomes a unique portal to evoke and resonate with distinct feelings. The more one immerses oneself in the poetic realm, the greater the capacity to comprehend and appreciate the diverse spectrum of emotions encapsulated within verses. In this symbiotic relationship between reader and poet, the room for emotional resonance expands indefinitely, inviting a continuous exploration of the nuanced landscapes of the human soul through the artistry of language and sentiment.

In the enchanting realm of poetry, where emotions dance in rhythmic harmony with verse, A H Mehr’s “Rhythmic Reveries of a Ruminating Mind” stands as a captivating testament to the poet’s enthusiasm for diverse forms and lyrical expressions. This poetic collection, a melange of short verses, medium-length compositions, tankas, haikus, prose poems, and pieces both lyrical and free from lyrical constraints, beckons readers into a world where the cadence of language and the depth of thought converge. Mehr’s poetic prowess, much like the nuanced emotions encapsulated within each piece, weaves a rich tapestry that transcends conventional boundaries, offering readers a multifaceted and immersive journey through the intricacies of the human experience. As one explores the varied forms and lyrical nuances within this collection, the poetic resonances echo with the diverse rhythms of contemplation, creating an evocative symphony that lingers in the corridors of the ruminating mind.

What I could gather from my reading is that Mehr’s poetic compositions are certainly a testament to her exquisite talent, showcasing a remarkable versatility in both form and theme. The collection unfolds with a rhythm that resonates with readers, transporting them into a world where emotions and intellect dance in harmony. The poet adeptly navigates a range of poetic forms, from the concise elegance of haikus to the expansive thoughtfulness of tankas. The rhymed verses echo with lyrical charm, inviting readers to a delightful exploration of the soul, while the unrhymed lines encourage contemplation, adding layers of intellectual engagement.

Readers may also notice that the thematic variety in “Rhythmic Reveries” is striking, promising an ever-evolving reading experience. Mehr delves into the beauty of nature, explores the contemplative state of solitude, and captures poignant moments that span the spectrum of human emotions. Her thought-provoking verses challenge readers to question the fabric of reality and truth, beckoning them into a profound introspective journey.

Well, as I ventured into the depths of this tiring collection, in a pleasant way, there were repetitions, overdone and elongated emotions, and some sour experiments with ideas and expressions (from a reader’s perspective). For example, there are poems that protract what nature looks like after the rain into (almost) casual lines – earth, flowers, surface, sky, flowers and so on… – while doing away with the (much-needed) lyrical aesthetics, which is otherwise present at places where it might have been well without (again, from a reader’s perspective). And then, there are poems that may be too close to the poet for others to understand… and nothing more remains to enjoy other than words and a search for meaning. Well, that’s the case with almost all the poets, isn’t it? Because there are many poems to enjoy in the collection and read the ones that match one’s mood, I don’t have much to criticise here. I laud the poet for her achievement in the form of this book! And yes, as I have pointed out in many reviews written in the past, feedback by readers should encourage authors and poets. 🙂

In conclusion, “Rhythmic Reveries” by A H Mehr is a poetic odyssey that invites readers to traverse the landscapes of the heart and mind. The poet’s ability to craft verses that resonate with both the soul and intellect is commendable. The collection, though not without its constructive critiques, stands as a testament to Mehr’s artistic spirit. For those who appreciate contemporary English poetry, this anthology is a must-read, offering a rich and thought-provoking journey into rhythm and reverie. As Mehr continues her poetic adventure, readers eagerly anticipate the unfolding of even more intricate and captivating verses in her future works. Signing off with an expression taken from one of the poems in the collection:

A poem is a beautiful experience that not many people can experience.


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Review by Ashish for Thoughtful Critic

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