Karma Sutra: Cracking the Karmic Code by Hingori – Book Review

May 14, 2023
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Spiritual and philosophical books (should I take these two names in succession, you decide) are more than just books. Fictional identities and chaos can last a few days, a few months or a year or two, at best. However, things that we learn from philosophical or spiritual books last for life, at least, if we are careful enough in extracting the right lessons in the right ways. So, my attention zooms in, sharpens and becomes precise whenever I read books in these genres, including religious. I read a book by an author known as Hingori, recently. And the book impressed me.

Karma Sutra: Cracking the Karmic Code by Hingori is an addition to the list of books that I have read for my spiritual gain and evolution. This is the fourth book in the series of Hingori Sutras. And my first of the series. Karma Sutra is an insightful and thought-provoking book that delves into the intricacies of Karma and its impact on our lives. It provides a deep understanding of the laws of karma, types of karma, and how to set an equilibrium between positive and negative karma.

Apart from the profoundness of the topic, it is the style and ability of the author that have impressed me. The author has lucidly explained complex ideas in a very simple manner. I mean for common people it is difficult to comprehend the term Karma. Just giving a few lines of definition, no one can define Karma. Karma is not a word. It is an ocean that needs to be explored to get into its depth and find gems that are hidden there. A big thank you to the author for making it easy for even beginners to grasp the concept well. The book is divided into eight chapters starting with Karma Defined to Circle of Life After Life. Each chapter is further divided into sub-topics.

Sewa is the central force of the book. Since birth, you are in debt to everything around you. For instance, parents, five elements, plants and trees, animals (especially the cow), teachers and guides you largely owe them. By planting and nurturing trees, educating people, feeding cows, taking care of animals, and serving needy people you can pay off some of their debt. These are acts of kindness. They not only offer immense satisfaction but also add to your positive karma. The more you do the act of kindness it will help you curtail the negative karmas that would eventually deviate you from the path of peace, contentment and evolution. Furthermore, making people laugh, running errands, giving gifts, helping the less fortunate, and making them happy, are all additives to Karma consolidation.

However, it is not just about good or bad actions, but about the intentions behind them. As the author explains, “Karma is not just about the consequences of our actions but also about the intentions that drive those actions.” So, doing good things for your personal gain (or with some bad intentions) won’t help you in any way because our intentions play a crucial role in determining the karmic consequences of our actions. The feeling of selflessness is essential and utmost. The author suggests doing good by default rather than by a compulsion to do good with some guilty conscious.

Along with interesting images the author has included his real-life experiences to make the book more deep and exciting. He has done an excellent job breaking down complex ideas and thoughts into easy-to-understand language. However, I feel the author has failed, to an extent, to put in the required energy and enthusiasm that provide a boost to the readers. Also, at times, you would find that the content is repetitive and this can be a bit tedious for you.

Despite these minor drawbacks (which are purely subjective to one’s background and understanding of the wide context), Karma Sutra: Cracking the Karmic Code is an excellent book that is sure to provide readers with a deeper understanding of the laws of karma and how they operate in our lives. And even if you are less interested in knowing about karma, it will definitely add meaning to your lives. Hingori is an expert in the subject matter, and he has made enough efforts not to let readers dislike his book.


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Review by Parakashtha for the ThoughtfulCritic website.

Karma Sutra: Cracking the Karmic Code by Hingori – Book Review
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