Emotion: The Juice of Life by Sadhguru Book Review

February 10, 2024
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Title: Emotion: The Juice of Life

Author: Sadhguru

Genre: Spirituality, Self-help

Publication: Jaico Publishing House, 2018

Review by: Gaurav for Thoughtful Critic



“Emotion: The Juice of Life” by Sadhguru delves into the profound impact of emotions on human existence, exploring how emotions shape our lives, relationships, and overall well-being. Sadhguru, an Indian yogi and mystic, is renowned for his pragmatic and accessible approach to spirituality. In this book, he provides insights into understanding and harnessing emotions to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.



The book is structured into several chapters, each focusing on different dimensions of emotions. Sadhguru begins by explaining the nature of emotions, likening them to the “juice” that flavours life. He discusses how emotions can be both a source of joy and suffering, depending on how they are managed. The book’s core message is that mastering emotions is essential for achieving inner peace and happiness.

Sadhguru explores various emotions, including love, anger, fear, and joy, offering practical advice on transforming negative emotions into positive ones. He emphasises the importance of self-awareness and inner stability in managing emotions. Through personal anecdotes, parables, and meditative practices, Sadhguru guides readers on a journey to understand and harness the power of their emotions.



Sadhguru’s exploration of emotions is both comprehensive and enlightening. His insights into the nature of emotions and their impact on our lives are profound, offering a fresh perspective on managing emotional experiences effectively. He uses an age-old technique fit for spiritual discourse – stories within the narrative. Readers will find stories that ideally relate to the chapter’s ideas. Other than emphasising the points Sadhguru argues, these stories also help readers virtually see the lessons in action.

Sadhguru makes it simple for readers to understand more extensive parts of his discourse. For example, in the very first chapter, he asserts an emphatic truth:

“Emotions can be a very powerful force of movement if one knows how to gather them, and at the same time, be fluid with them when necessary. If one is incapable of gathering his emotions when needed, then emotions are just pure madness.”



Depth of Insight:

One of the book’s primary strengths is Sadhguru’s depth of insight into the nature of emotions. He explains that emotions are not inherently good or bad but are a natural part of the human experience. Sadhguru emphasises that emotions respond to our internal and external environments and that understanding their origins is critical to managing them effectively.

For instance, in the chapter on anger, Sadhguru explains that anger is often a result of unmet expectations or perceived injustices. Instead of suppressing anger, he suggests we examine its root causes and address them through introspection and mindfulness. Doing so can transform anger into a constructive force for personal growth.


Practical Applications:

Sadhguru’s pragmatic approach to emotions is evident in his practical exercises and meditative practices. These tools are designed to help readers cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence. For example, he introduces a simple meditation technique called “Isha Kriya,” which allows individuals to centre themselves and observe their emotions without getting entangled. This practice encourages a state of inner calm and clarity, enabling better emotional regulation.

In another chapter, Sadhguru discusses the emotion of love and its transformative power. He emphasises that true love is not about possession or dependency but about experiencing a deep sense of connection and compassion. He offers practical advice on cultivating unconditional love, starting with self-acceptance and extending it to others. Through exercises such as daily affirmations and mindful interactions, readers can learn to foster a more loving and compassionate outlook.


Comparative Analysis:

To provide a more comprehensive perspective, it is valuable to compare “Emotion: The Juice of Life” with other notable works in the genre of spirituality and self-help.

1. “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman:
Goleman’s book is a cornerstone in understanding emotional intelligence (EI) from a psychological standpoint. While Goleman focuses on EI’s scientific and empirical aspects, Sadhguru approaches the subject from a spiritual angle. Both authors emphasise the importance of self-awareness and emotional regulation, but Sadhguru integrates these concepts with spiritual practices and yogic insights, providing a holistic approach to emotional mastery.

2. “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer:
Singer’s work explores the nature of the self and the mind, offering insights into detaching from negative emotions and achieving inner peace. Like Sadhguru, Singer emphasises mindfulness and self-awareness as critical tools for emotional well-being. However, Sadhguru’s inclusion of specific meditative practices and his conversational tone make his guidance more accessible to readers seeking practical applications.

3. “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach:
Brach’s book delves into the power of fully accepting ourselves and our emotions. Brach and Sadhguru advocate for self-compassion and mindfulness as pathways to emotional freedom. While Brach’s approach is deeply rooted in Buddhist teachings, Sadhguru draws from a broader range of spiritual traditions, providing diverse perspectives on managing emotions.



1. Holistic Approach:
Sadhguru’s integration of spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga, with psychological insights offers a holistic approach to emotional health. This comprehensive perspective enhances the book’s appeal to readers interested in spirituality and personal development.

2. Engaging Style:
Sadhguru’s conversational tone, enriched with humour and personal anecdotes, makes the book engaging and relatable. His storytelling ability helps convey profound truths in an accessible and entertaining manner.

3. Practical Wisdom:
Including practical exercises and meditative practices, Sadhguru provides readers with actionable steps to improve their emotional well-being. His pragmatic advice ensures that readers can apply his teachings daily.



1. Cultural Specificity:
Some concepts and examples are rooted in Indian cultural and spiritual traditions, which may not resonate with all readers. While this adds authenticity, it might require additional context for those unfamiliar with these traditions.

2. Lack of Empirical Evidence:
Like many spiritual texts, the book does not provide empirical evidence or scientific validation for its claims. Readers seeking data-driven insights might find this aspect lacking.

3. Repetition:
Some points and ideas are reiterated throughout the book, which can occasionally feel redundant. While this reinforces vital messages, it may lead to repetitive reading experiences.



“Emotion: The Juice of Life” by Sadhguru is a valuable contribution to the literature on spirituality and self-help. It offers profound insights into the nature of emotions and practical advice for managing them effectively. While the book’s cultural specificity and lack of empirical evidence might challenge some readers, its depth of insight, engaging style, and practical wisdom make it a compelling read for those seeking to enhance their emotional well-being.

Compared to other works in the genre, Sadhguru’s unique blend of spirituality and practicality sets “Emotion: The Juice of Life” apart as a distinctive and enriching exploration of the human experience. For readers open to integrating spiritual practices with emotional intelligence, Sadhguru’s teachings provide a transformative pathway to inner stability and harmonious relationships.


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Review by Gaurav


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Emotion: The Juice of Life by Sadhguru Book Review
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